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 Road Negotiation Services 

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Road Authority Negotiation Services in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney

Quantum Traffic is experienced in assisting developers in their negotiations with state road authorities and local councils. 


We can supply an experienced traffic engineer to accompany you to meetings and provide professional, informed assistance in your negotiations, ensuring your project's best possible outcome.

What are Negotiation Services?

In the course of your development application, a need may arise for VCAT traffic negotiation in Melbourne, ACAT traffic negotiation in Canberra or NCAT traffic negotiation in Sydney.


Most developments will have implications for local traffic, and sound urban planning requires that issues be addressed before progressing an application. Negotiation processes help decision-makers ensure that your project will have minimal adverse impacts on surrounding road networks, parking, and public safety.

While these processes are necessary for sound urban planning, they can also be time-consuming, costly and inefficient. Professional negotiation services can make your negotiations quicker, smoother and more likely to result in a favourable outcome for your project.

When Are Negotiation Services Needed?

Road authorities play an important role in ensuring safe, efficient traffic management, and that directives around this are correctly implemented. This, in turn, helps minimise risk while optimising the long-term viability of developments in a given area.  


Cooperation with these bodies is in the interest of developers seeking to have applications progressed. If negotiations are required, the authority will have criteria that must be addressed to a satisfactory standard before the application can proceed. Professional negotiation services can help you manage these criteria while advocating for the best possible outcome for your project.

Why Choose Quantum Traffic?

Having your development application progressed can come down to timely and responsive expert guidance. Quantum Traffic brings that to the table, assisting you to work constructively with authorities to ensure all stakeholders' needs are met. We've successfully assisted numerous clients in having development applications approved by your local Department of Transportation and local council bodies. We frequently conduct road authority negotiation in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.


Along with technical expertise spanning all aspects of traffic engineering, our traffic engineering consultants have up-to-date knowledge of council, state and national guidelines and procedures. This means we can accurately assess your case, effectively communicate it to the relevant body, and address disputes efficiently as they arise. The result is fewer impediments to your negotiations and a speedier progression of your application, saving you time and money.

Quantum Traffic has extensive experience in assisting with development negotiations for a range of commercial, residential, and public projects. Our in-depth knowledge of current industry standards, guidelines and procedures enable us to deliver strong outcomes for our clients.


Quantum Traffic can help you get the best possible result from your local Department of Transportation or council development negotiation. Our experienced team delivers high-quality, cost-effective services in this area.


To find out more about our VCAT, NCAT or ACAT Traffic Expert Advice or to request a no-obligation quote, call us on (04) 39 893 288 or fill in our simple contact form.


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