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 Swept Path Analysis 

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Swept Path Analysis in Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney

At the forefront of carrying out Swept Path Analysis, Quantum Traffic ensures your car park, intersection, road or roundabout is functional and complies with the relevant Planning Scheme/Australian standard requirements.

What is Swept Path Analysis?

Swept Path analysis is the detailed inspection of the movement undergone by a vehicle whilst undertaking the process of turning or steering.


The information collected by a Swept Path analysis is then calculated to understand the exact path a vehicle takes when completing a turn and how much space is required to safely complete the turn.


Quantum Traffic completes this analysis using the latest version of AutoTURN Pro software, to generate accurate Swept Path diagrams and detailed reports to determine the suitability of your design.

When is Swept Path Analysis Needed?

Designing safe and functional car parks:

Swept Path Analysis is a vital diagnostic process used to virtually demonstrate the layout of a car park design. The vehicle Swept Path Analysis assesses and calculates the functionality of a car park design early so that any changes can be made in a prompt manner. A professional Swept Path analysis will ensure that vehicles can manoeuvre safely within the proposed area.

Quantum Traffic’s AutoTURN Pro software is equipped with technologies that illustrate the movement of different vehicle types. This technology produces various turning circle diagrams and turning circle radius’ for a range of vehicles, to ensure a full picture of the proposed design is available. We offer Swept Path Analysis Services in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

Ensuring Adherence to Planning Scheme/Australian Standard Requirements:


The Planning Scheme and Australian Standard Requirements are rigorous to ensure the safety of drivers. The requirements of the national, state and local council must be adhered to before development can begin.


Before commencing the build of new car park infrastructure, local councils and road authorities will request the information provided by a Swept Path analysis. This information must prove that the planned car park layout can accommodate the movement of the various vehicles that are expected to use the facilities.

Why Choose Quantum Traffic?

As leading traffic consultants, we provide traffic engineering and transport planning services to numerous developers, councils and other stakeholders. At Quantum Traffic we understand the importance of cost-effective, timely and accurate infrastructure planning. Our team uses cutting-edge technologies and innovative expertise to facilitate the design process. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates with town planners, building designers, architects, council officers, property developers, surveyors and lawyers, to ensure consistently high-quality results. We are the Swept Path Analysis consultants Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra developers trust.


In choosing Quantum Traffic to conduct your Swept Path Analysis, you can rest assured that our qualified team will conduct the analysis accurately to provide the highest quality information about the appropriateness of your design and its adherence to national standards. 


For a free, no-obligation quote for our Swept Path Analysis services in Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney, call us now on(04) 39 893 288, or fill in our simple contact form.

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