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Quantum Traffic creates Green Travel Plans for use in commercial and residential development applications.  This is a great travel mode shift tool away from private vehicle as well as planning incentive to support car parking reductions in your development. 

What is a Green Travel Plan?

A Green Travel Plan (GTP) details how a proposed development will encourage the adoption of environmentally sustainable transport options in accessing the review site.

A GTP can encompass a range of strategic initiatives, incentives and campaigns to promote transport options such as walking, cycling, public transport, riding scooters, carpooling and use of electric vehicles. 

Sustainable transport planning is an opportunity for developers to respond to an increasing social and political demand for alternatives to private fossil-fuel based vehicles, informed by travel patterns and behaviours of prospective/future site users (residents, staff, visitors etc.). Done right, GTPs can establish long-term benefits for users, developers and the local community

When is a Green Travel Plan Needed?

A Green Travel Plan may be required as a condition of permit for commercial, public and residential development applications, especially where a council has an Environmentally Sustainable Development clause/guideline/objective in its Planning Scheme. 

Depending on the individual council, GTPs may be required only for certain types of development - for example, for commercial applications or for multi-residential/mixed use developments above a certain size. 

GTPs can be devised for many different applications, including residential developments, commercial developments, retail precincts, public facilities and more.

Why Choose Quantum Traffic?

Quantum Traffic is committed to delivering highly effective traffic planning services with affordable and transparent pricing.  We are committed to meeting all relevant national, state and council guidelines/objectives, while contributing to shaping an efficient and user-focused transport future for Melbourne. 


We are experienced in creating GTPs for a wide range of development proposals. Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the latest industry standards, guidelines and emerging advancements in green transport technologies, we deliver smart solutions that address the needs of all stakeholders. 


Don’t leave your sustainable transport plan to chance - contact the professionals at Quantum Traffic, and find out how we can help prepare your project for a more environmentally responsible future.


For a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on (04) 3836 5681, or fill in our simple contact form.


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