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 Parking Surveys and Traffic Counts 

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Development applications are subject to numerous permits and assessments relating to traffic and parking. Professional support in navigating these requirements can make all the difference in getting your project started and approved.

Additional Services

Quantum Traffic offers a range of services that can assist in the preparation of planning materials to satisfy council and road authority requirements. Whether you need additional complements to your Traffic Impact Assessment or a one off SWEPT path diagram. We are here to help.

See Below for Details on Specific Services:

Parking Surveys and Traffic Counts

We’re equipped to collect and analyse a wide range of parking and traffic data. Analysis tools specific to traffic management assist in generating valuable insights and information for inclusion in TIA reports.


Types of surveys and counts we can conduct include:

  • Parking Occupancy Surveys

  • Parking Duration of Stay Surveys

  • Vehicle Counts, Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts

  • Video Intersection Counts

  • Number Plate Surveys

  • Origin and Destination Surveys

  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Tracking and Origin Destination

  • Local Area Traffic Management Surveys and Studies


Discuss your traffic engineering needs with an experienced traffic engineer. Melbourne can rely on Quantum Traffic to deliver high quality, affordable reporting that supports effective and efficient project planning.


For a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on (04) 39 893 288, or fill in our simple contact form.

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