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 Car Park Design 

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Car Park Design & Management Consultants in Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney

Effective car parking is crucial to any urban development's success, whether it be a residential, commercial or public development, and this requires car park management services. Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney developers come to Quantum Traffic to ensure the impacts of their car parks are assessed correctly and to the highest standard.

Car Parking Design and Plans

Quantum Traffic provides professional support in planning safe and efficient car parking facilities that maximise car park provision, minimise basement footprint and give regard to local traffic conditions. Through the provision of these services, we ensure that car parks are properly designed, planned and executed within the state's standards in which they're built.

Our Range of Car Parking Consultancy Services Include:

Car Parking Design


Maximise the efficiency of your project's layout through smart, innovative planning and car park design in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. We're experienced in reviewing a wide range of car park types, including basement, at-grade and mechanical (car stacker, car lift, turn table) designs.


Basement Ramp/Vehicle Access Design


Ramp design is a central aspect of a basement car park design. We can assist in ensuring safe and effective vehicle access, with space-efficient ramp layouts that maximise saleable/leasable area in the floor above. Our engineers are experts at maximising space within all types of car parks. Particularly in high-end developments, where low profile' sports cars' will access basement level car parks, careful ramp grade design is critical.  This can include ground clearance checks and section diagrams to ensure the likelihood of vehicle scraping is negligible.


Car Stacker/Car Lift Advice, Costing and Design


When space is at a premium, parking with a car stacker access via a car lift may be the best solution. We help you make informed decisions in this area, offering sound advice on systems available, operational characteristics, and cost per space. In this niche market, Quantum Traffic remains an industry-leading consultant.


Car Parking Management Plans


Quantum Traffic can prepare a Car Parking Management Plan to satisfy conditions on any planning permit issued by the Council. These plans include information such as car space allocations, signage details and line marking points. They are also known as Signage and Line Marking Plans or Operational Management Plans.


Quantum Traffic provides professional support in planning safe and efficient car parking facilities that have minimal impact on local traffic conditions. Our car park management consultants in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne have ample experience assessing various car park types and making recommendations based on our findings. 

For an obligation-free quote for car park design services in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, call us today on (04) 39 893 288 or fill in our contact form.


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