Road Safety Audits 

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Quantum Traffic can provide Road Safety Audits with fast turnaround times, and practical recommendations helping to keep your project program on schedule and ensure high standards of road safety.

What is a Road Safety Audit?

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is a formal assessment of road safety risks on an existing or proposed road project.  RSAs are conducted across all stages of project development, including concept design, preliminary design, detailed design, post opening and existing conditions.

A Road Safety Audit can only be conducted by road safety professionals (Road Safety Auditors) who are accredited by VicRoads (Department of Transport).

Typically, Road Safety Auditors visit the site during ‘day’ and ‘night’ conditions to identify potential safety issues with the proposed design.  The identified safety issues are then given a risk rating based on the severity and likelihood of incidents, with recommendations provided for potential improvements.

When is a Road Safety Audit Needed?

Typically, the Road Authority (VicRoads / Council) will ask for Road Safety Audits to be undertaken at various stages during the design process.  


As discussed above, a Road Safety Audit can be conducted at multiple stages of the design. A road safety audit is needed to ensure that a potential development minimises safety risks and to identify an safety improvements required. 

Why Choose Quantum Traffic?

Quantum Traffic's senior associate Brent Hodges is a VicRoads-accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor, with vast experience preparing Road Safety Audits at all design stages and development types. 


Brent is well regarded for his assessment of safety issues and practical recommendations for improvement of designs.

Quantum Traffic can provide Road Safety Audits with fast turnaround times, helping to keep your project program on schedule.


Get your Road Safety Audit done by a qualified professional.


Quantum Traffic can meet the needs of all development types and timelines.


For a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on (04) 3836 5681, or fill in our simple contact form.

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