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 VCAT Expert Evidence 

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Quantum Traffic Directors provides Expert Evidence for VCAT (Presentations and Memorandum of Opinion) for a range of projects and disputes. 

What is a Expert Evidence For VCAT?

A review by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) may be sought by a planning permit applicant against a Notice of Refusal, or undesired permit conditions within a Notice of Decision issued by a council.  Additionally, objectors can appeal against a council’s Notice of Decision.


Doing this effectively may require a professional opinion on the project’s traffic impact, parking impacts and on-site car parking design to be presented by a traffic engineering expert.  Quantum Traffic can help in achieving your desired outcome by providing professional traffic engineering evidence in person to the tribunal.

Why is a Expert Evidence for VCAT Needed?

In order for urban spaces to function safely and efficiently for all users, potential impacts on traffic and parking must be thoroughly considered.  Such impacts are part and parcel of most development projects, and various procedures have been put in place by authorities to ensure that developers address these before permits can be issued.  


Professional opinions are routinely put to use in this process, providing authorities with the supplementary information they require to accurately evaluate a development application. Working with a traffic engineer throughout your planning process will help ensure you meet all relevant traffic planning requirements, and position you to access to expert evidence in your favour, should this be required.

Why Choose Quantum Traffic?

At Quantum Traffic, we understand that timely, responsive and personalised service are essential in planning and development, and we’re committed to providing that. We aim to balance thorough, authority-compliant work with affordable and transparent pricing. 


We have extensive experience in traffic consultancy, spanning commercial, residential and public projects, new developments and changes in usage. Together with a comprehensive understanding of permit procedures and VCAT compliance, this enables us to move projects forward while satisfying all stakeholders. 


Keep your process in motion and minimise setbacks at VCAT. Expert report delivery by an experienced traffic engineer is available through Quantum Traffic.


For a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on (04) 39 893 288, or fill in our simple contact form.


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