Traffic Impact Assessments 

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Quantum Traffic has wide-ranging experience and expertise in the preparation of Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA/TIAR).

What is a TIA?

In the course of a development application, you may be required by a local council or VicRoads to submit a TIA report. Most projects will have some degree of impact on traffic and parking, and effective urban planning requires that this be addressed through measures that eliminate or minimise any potential reductions in safety and efficiency.


By identifying critical factors, a Traffic Impact Assessment Report assists decision-makers in approving your project with issues such as traffic impacts on surrounding road networks, parking overflow impacts, road safety impacts all addressed.

When is a TIA Needed?

Town Planning Applications:

As part of applying for a planning permit, whether for a new development or change in use, it’s likely that you’ll need to submit a TIA to support your case. Having this prepared professionally will ensure that your application has the best possible chance of being approved without unnecessary delays.  


RFI Responses:

In the process of having your planning permit approved, you may receive a Request For Information from the relevant council. This may require you to produce a TIA, if you haven’t already done so, in order to have your application progressed.  

Why Choose Quantum Traffic?

We understand the importance of personalised, timely and responsive service in the urban planning and development arena, and are committed to balancing high quality work with affordability and transparent pricing.


In choosing Quantum Traffic for your TIA reporting, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience in traffic engineering consultancy, multidisciplinary skill set and in-depth understanding of current industry conditions.


Our experience spans residential, public and commercial projects at a range of scales, including both new developments and change in use applications. This means we’re equipped to prepare TIAs for many different types of projects, many different types of land use, in line with all relevant requirements.


In preparing your TIA, an experienced traffic engineering consultant will prepare a detailed written report on your project’s traffic engineering impacts. Report format can range from a comprehensive study to a shorter statement of effect, depending on the size and scope of your project, with the document compiled as per industry standard.


Discuss your Traffic Impact Assessment needs with an experienced traffic engineer. Melbourne can rely on Quantum Traffic to deliver high quality, cost-effective reporting that supports effective and efficient project planning.


For a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on (04) 3836 5681, or fill in our simple contact form.


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