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Is Advertising Signage on Main Roads a Road Safety Issue?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Advertising signage has its place in society in any commercial venture, such as cafés, gymnasiums, car showrooms, which can all be provided in the right zoning and subject to Council approval.

So why do advertising signs get scrutinised so heavily?

For one, the best location for signs is on highly trafficked, arterial roads.

Secondly, signs aren't often considered to have a net-positive community benefit (noting that these signs can often be used for noble causes (TAC, Crime Stoppers, etc).

From a traffic engineers point of view, there are optimal, desirable, satisfactory and appropriate locations for these signs to be located.

Is the proposed location considered to be an area where ‘a high level of concentration’ is required for drivers?

That's what it largely comes down to when assessing this.

Locations can be characterised by (but not limited to) high pedestrian areas, road geometry locations (bend in road), complex signalised intersections, a large amount of directional signage, etc. which may or may not require ‘above normal’ concentration.

Currently, there is no robust assessment tool with the only policy being Clause 52.05 of the Planning Scheme, which includes a 10 point road safety checklist.

The checklist includes largely unquantifiable metrics and there is no supportive guidelines/policy from the Road Authority (DOT/VicRoads).

Quantum Traffic is in the preliminary stage of developing a more robust assessment tool to assist property owners, advertising companies, local government and VicRoads to provide a systematic review process.

Stay tuned for an update, and if you have any opinion, ideas, examples for us to consider, please get in touch.

Also, contact us today if you need an assessment done on your site or advertising sign for submission to Council/VCAT. We are experts in appearing at VCAT hearings and reviewing projects to standard.

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