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How We Work with Architects and Building Designers

Architects and Building Designers are great at designing basements and can get them to 95% of what they need to be for an approval-ready design.

The other 5% of basement designs are very specific.

That's where good traffic engineers come in.

As traffic engineers, we spend a lot of our time working on basement designs, car parks and vehicle access, working with designers to get their designs to 100%.

We can run turning circle simulation software to determine the accessibility of a design that has efficiency in mind. We'll ensure that everything from car spaces to ramps are fully accessible within the scope of the design. This includes on-site waste collection, which at times can be quite onerous or even unachievable.

One important consideration is ramp design and ramp grades, which have differing standards and requirements if you're in a special building overlay or are wanting to accommodate high-end cars.

Melbourne Water and even some local governments, who have undertaken flood mapping can also have specific restrictions that must be adhered to.

The steepness of ramps will also vary depending on whether it's a private or public ramp.

In considering these special requirements, we always aim to include them in the most efficient way possible.

While architects and building designers generally have almost all bases covered, there are some finishing touches we can help with that can vastly improve the efficiency of your project and expedite the approvals process.

To find out more about how we can support designers and architects to get developments ready for approval, get in contact with us today!

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