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Case Study: Considerations for High-end Developments

We work on a range of high-end developments such as large mansions, which invariably throw up extra issues to consider when designing basements for these types of dwellings.

With high-end dwellings come high-end vehicles, typically characterised by low clearance to the ground.

To ensure this is not an issue, you might consider ramp grades that are more generous and less steep. Ramp grades on the gentle side will give an added layer of certainty that these vehicles will be able to get in and out of the car park with minimised risk of scraping.

You also want to make sure vehicles can maneuver with ease as you don't want an expensive high-end dwelling with a poky basement car park layout that makes it difficult for residents to get in and out.

Our tip is to err on the side of generosity with larger spots and bigger access holes where the area permits.

The bottom line?

To ensure all aspects of the development--not just those above ground--are premium, don't skimp on the car park.

If you are working on a high-end development and want the perfect balance between efficiency and the high-end feel that occupants demand, get in contact with me.

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