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How A Traffic Engineer Could Be Your Best Friend

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Hands up if you like making wholesale changes to your floor plans you've laid out?

I didn't think so.

But when you consider that your client will expect what they are going to receive - whether an apartment development, townhouses, commercial development or a new high-end house - often issues arise when it comes to the hidden elements.

I'm talking about things like basements, car stackers, ramp design and vehicle access points as well as other elements related to car parking design.

I've had many experiences where developers or architects have come to me after their Council has identified issues - you can read about the common problems on our other blog post here.

So, What are the benefits of working with a traffic engineer?

  • Saving you significant time, money and headaches. Not to mention blowing out budgets and time frames in re-doing certain aspects of your plans/elevations.

  • Having an expert straight away to help where you might not be comfortable designing ramps or basements, or elements aren't functional.

  • Feeling more comfortable knowing that someone else has done this part properly and you don't have to worry about it.

  • Takes the responsibility off your hands to ensure all car parking and vehicle access arrangements are perfectly designed!

We see us as an extension of your team. And this is going to make sure that you're really enhancing the client experience. 

So - don't wait until halfway through your project to engage an expert traffic engineer. Consider our role as helping you identify any potential issues so you can manage your client expectations as well.

Want to know more how we can help you and your next project? Head over to our contact page and get in touch today.

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