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Why RFIs are Important for Your Development’s Planning Approval

The Role of Traffic Engineers in Getting Your Development Ready for Approval

As traffic engineers, we are often asked by councils to get involved in certain projects, and called on to give developers clarity that their plans are feasible and within sustainable traffic guidelines.

This includes needing a clear understanding of whether or not the appropriate car can turn in and out of car spaces, garages or ramps.

Councils will issue a Request for Further Information (RFI), which usually entails swept path analysis from a traffic engineer.

We'll look at the plans and determine the appropriate design vehicle based on the type of swept path required. We then run our simulation software to show a car turning in and manoeuvring within the site in order to exit in a forward direction.

When this isn’t up to standard, it will mean the development will need to release more space in order to accommodate the required accessibility.

We'll make sure that we're able to get the result without sacrificing any more of the development's other aspects, such as garden space, than is necessary.

If you've been issued an RFI or looking to avoid roadblocks in your project by getting your plans ready for approval in advance, get in contact with me.

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