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Traffic Engineering Melbourne -The Ultimate Guide | Quantum Traffic

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Engineering and how it supports planners and architects

Traffic Engineering Melbourne

Traffic engineering Melbourne services are an essential aspect of keeping cities liveable.

This article unpacks everything you need to know about traffic engineering for major cities including, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. It also discusses how traffic engineering consultants support planners and architects.

What is the goal of traffic engineering?

The goal of traffic engineering is to achieve the free and rapid flow of traffic while minimising accidents.

What are the main elements of traffic engineering?

There are four main elements of traffic engineering.

Traffic Studies

In traffic studies, traffic engineers collect data to assess the traffic impacts of new developments or changes in road use.These are called Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA), or Traffic Operational Analysis (TOA), which is a simplified version of a TIA.

Traffic Performance Evaluation

While traffic studies show what is supposed to happen in a given situation, traffic performance evaluations study what has actually happened.

Traffic engineers match traffic performance in certain areas against predetermined criteria to review the efficiency of the local traffic.

Facility Design

Traffic engineers are involved with the construction of facilities such as car parks and entrances for residential developments and commercial developments.

Traffic Control

When disruption to regular traffic patterns occurs, traffic engineers coordinate the affected traffic to ensure it can run as smoothly as possible.

Traffic disruptions can be caused by incidents such as roadworks or construction development that force the closure of adjacent roads.

We provide both traffic management plans and local area traffic management plans to assist with the traffic control requirements of a project.

Why is traffic engineering Melbourne essential?

Traffic engineers are the experts who ensure that our roads are as safe and uncongested as possible.

Without traffic engineers, our road network would be unsafe and underdeveloped, leading to higher traffic congestion and more (avoidable) accidents.

What is the difference between traffic engineering and transportation engineering?

While transport and traffic engineering are closely related sub-disciplines of civil engineering, traffic engineers specialise in road traffic.

Transport engineers focus on all forms of transport including railways, air travel and sea travel.

This means you will find that transport engineers work with traffic engineers to design efficient road networks.

What does a traffic engineer do?

Traffic engineers, also known as traffic consultants, focus on the design and maintenance of roads, ensuring that traffic is as free-flowing and safe as possible.

They also help developers secure planning approval for their development.

Governments and road authorities, such as VicRoads and the Department of Transport, have guidelines to ensure new development does not harm traffic.

How do traffic engineers solve problems?

Traffic engineers can employ a range of traffic management solutions for traffic problems, depending on the issue at hand:

So, to minimise risk around traffic for your next project, discuss your traffic engineering needs with an experienced traffic engineer.

If you would like to find out more about traffic engineering in Melbourne, and how traffic engineers can help you with your development plans, Quantum Traffic is here to help.

For a wide range of traffic engineering Melbourne solutions, get in contact with Quantum Traffic.

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