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The Secret to Efficient Car Park Designs

Car park ramps can be a difficult proposition for developers and building designers.

When working on a development, you want to be as efficient as possible with space when it comes to the car park without compromising on accessibility.

So, how wide will your car park ramp need to be?

The width of a car park ramp is largely based on the number of spaces and the type of users of the building. For example, office buildings are characterised by a large number of arrivals in the morning and departures in the evening, all at around the same time.

So, while there won't be a lot of conflict (large numbers going in and out at the same time), you'll still need to accommodate for the periodic high-traffic volumes with wider ramps or a wider passing area.

The required ramp width will also depend on the road the car park will be accessed from. If the road is a main or arterial road, there will need to be a higher level of passing provision to ensure there is no banking of vehicles coming in and out, which will significantly affect road traffic.

A single lane ramp may also need a stop/go signalling system to avoid conflict and facilitate passing within the basement.

For more advice on car park ramps, feel free to get in contact with us.

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