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Road Safety Considerations for Advertising and Signage

A fixture on our roads for years, billboards and road signage have only recently become the domain of traffic engineers as roadside advertising has become subject to increased scrutiny around safety.

This increased scrutiny is not without reason.

As signs progressively go digital, there are more traffic engineering considerations that go with them.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the advertising industry at present as road authorities increasingly see roadside advertising inherently negative to road safety.

However, not every sign causes road safety issues. There are particular locations suited to signs and others that aren't, so it’s essentially a process of finding the best place for advertising signage to be positioned.

Traffic engineers can help establish clear lines between safe and unsafe road signage. At Quantum, we’ve come up with our own safety checklist that helps advertisers get some clarity as to whether their sign will have a negative impact on road safety.

So, if you're looking to put up roadside advertising, come to us and we'll help you do so while keeping the roads safe.

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