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Ramp design case study - The townhouse development on the hill

As we spoke about in our Q&A, it's always best to call in a traffic engineer early if you're developing on a challenging site. That way, we can work with you to get a compliant, cost-effective ramp that adds value to your development.

We recently prepared a ramp design for a four-unit townhouse development in Doncaster of Melbourne's northeast. What was unique about this site was the grade: it fell by more than seven metres from the back to the front!

The key constraint was the floor levels of the garages, which were set by building height requirements. Our design objective was to achieve a compliant ramp design whilst providing a cost-effective and constructible layout for the developer.

We retained the existing site crossover by utilising a curved ramp, substantially reducing potential costs due to reconstruction of the crossover and electricity pole relocation. Our innovative design included transitions and main ramps to achieve the grades required for each garage successfully.

Uncertain about a steep site? Talk to us, and we'll develop a solution to challenging grades, so you can move forward with your development.

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