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Quantum Traffic: Our Story

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

It is rewarding being able to help people get planning permits. 

To know that we have helped change people's lives or play the part in helping a developer have an incredible customer experience is always a mix of relief, excitement and validation about what we do.

The real driver for me moving from a large firm into my own business was I could focus on client and customer engagement.

I could see there was an opportunity to enhance this for both clients and partners, too. 

Whether it working through any design problems, providing advice about council implications and solving potential issues along the way - I love the whole problem-solving process of being a traffic engineer.

In 2019 we moved into our own space in Ringwood. Our journey starts here - and we look forward to sharing our news, updates and relevant content that will help you too. Read more about us or get in contact today, I look forward to building productive relationships and helping you navigate your development journey.

David Beaton

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