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Meet Hamish McDonald!

As a Senior Engineer at Quantum Traffic I understand that both technical knowledge and effective communication are critical to achieving successful outcomes.

Strengths and Interests:

With key interests in sustainable transport and all forms of transport modelling, I am well-placed to assist with the preparation of transport impact assessments, traffic & parking studies as well as a broad range of other traffic engineering services.

I maintain an up-to-date knowledge of best practice transport modelling methods (including microsimulation modelling) to provide clients with robust, personalised and timely advice, even on the more challenging projects.

Get in contact today to discuss how we can achieve great outcomes on your next project.

Leisure Activities

Outside of work, I enjoy trail running and hiking for the sense of freedom and to spend time outdoors. When not out exploring, I am often watching soccer or trying to satisfy my curiosity by learning something.

You can read more about me on LinkedIn

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