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Meet Brent Hodges, Senior Associate at Quantum Traffic

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Quantum Traffic would like to welcome a new staff member, Brent Hodges to the position of Senior Associate.

Brent brings with him a high level of experience from the private sector, which has also included public sector liaison roles.

Brent has developed a strong skillset in traffic engineering, is a good communicator and relationship builder which will allow him to continue to develop the Quantum Traffic brand.

"I can't wait to get involved in interesting and challenging traffic engineering projects here at Quantum Traffic, while also building on existing relationships and forging new ones".

Brent's technical strengths include Traffic Impact Assessment Reports (TIAR), project development, road safety and design, while his communication and interpersonal skills make him a highly valued addition.

Brent has developed a strong passion for customer service and believes that strong relationships are the foundation of great project outcomes

"If I say I'll do something, I will follow through. My ability to interact with clients, consultants and government decision makers sets me apart from others"

Away from the rigours of being a traffic engineer, Brent enjoys spending time in the great outdoors including fishing and 4x4 adventures. He can also be found working away in my garden, trying to make my landscaping plans a reality.

We are very excited to have Brent as part of our team and look forward to seeing what the future will hold. 

Get in touch with Brent through any of the following:

Phone: 0411 745 934

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