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How the lockdown measures can fast-track your project

In the months since the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted almost every aspect of our lives, there is now an opportunity to fast-track new or existing planning application projects.

Councils have temporarily shifted their focus to clearing the backlog of projects, meaning planning permits have the potential to be approved faster.

Additionally, VCAT has recently received substantial funding along with a move to on-line, video style hearing capabilities.

From a traffic engineering perspective how do you take advantage of this. We outline a couple strategies below:

1. Do not wait for the RFI requesting swept paths or a Traffic Report. If you submit traffic engineering documents then the RFI confines a very small number of issues that need responding to.

2. Have your basement and/or ramp assessed prior to submitting to Council to ensure the layout poses no issues

3. Determine if Melbourne Water requirements apply, the site is subject to a Parking Overlay or if a car parking reduction is generally supportable.

4. Contact us to ask any questions prior to submitting your planning application. We are happy to give obligation free advice to ensure your project has the best chance of success with the relevant authorities.

If you'd like to take advantage of the current climate to fast-track your project, contact us and we'll help you on your way with your current project.

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