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How swept path analysis broke a council stalemate

When looking at planning applications, Councils tend to be quite conservative - They don't want new developments to have issues with vehicle manoeuvring.

And so, traffic engineering consultants and Councils are looking for the same thing when it comes to planning applications: ensuring an approved development will allow for adequate accessibility and be fit for purpose.

Much of what we do is work with our clients to propose sound traffic engineering solutions for their proposed development.

Recently, we had a client come to us having just signed a lease on their building. Their issue was that they needed space for large trucks to move in, out, and around the site. And only after they signed the lease did they realise there wasn't going to be enough space!

They initially tried to resolve the issue with the council, but couldn't get the outcome they needed. So, we were called in to run swept path simulations in an attempt to break the deadlock.

We managed to propose an efficient layout that was feasible for both client and Council requirements. We took that proposal to the council and negotiated directly with their traffic engineers. And the result was a great one for the client, who now had the council's backing to go ahead with their development.

As an architect, is it a never-ending source of frustration trying to meet council approval guidelines? How much easier would it be to know precisely what councils are looking for?

Quantum Traffic can help you negotiate your plans with councils and road authorities, to help find a win-win result.

For a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help move your project plans forward, get in contact with us.

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