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How Road Safety Audits Help Architects Win Jobs

So, you have a great design planned and ready for presentation to your prospect.

But will council requirements mean your design is subject to delays, restructuring and, at worst, flat-out rejection?

One of the big reasons councils look down on design plans is the risk the proposal poses to traffic in the area.

And your prospects know it too, so they will be hesitant to approve your design without some assurance that it won't get knocked back because it poses a threat to road safety.

Architects use road safety audits to give their clients confidence in their new development's compliance with road safety guidelines.

So much so, that they will be your secret weapon when pitching for work.

What is a road safety audit?

A road safety audit is a formal examination of a project before construction starts.

Historically, developers would complete new projects and then crash patterns would emerge.

Because road safety audits identify these crash patterns before construction, developers can ensure their project will not negatively affect road safety.

How do road safety audits work?

A road safety audit aims to address any negative impact development has on traffic before it occurs.

During the design process, traffic engineers will review a development's impact on traffic.

Road safety audits should begin by identifying the potential safety issues in a design.

After identifying the issues, the auditors will suggest how architects could alter the design to make the development safer.

The most important part of a road safety audit

The most important element of a road safety audit is independence.

The auditors will have had nothing to do with the design process. They should have never seen the design, let alone have had no involvement in it.

Why do I need a road safety audit?

Councils and road authorities will thoroughly scrutinize traffic impact when looking at development plans.

So, to ensure your designs get approved quickly and without requiring any changes, a road safety audit is essential.

Quantum Traffic can provide Road Safety Audits with fast turnaround times and practical recommendations, helping to keep your project on schedule and ensuring high road safety standards.

To find out more about road safety audits, get in contact with us today.

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