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Get your free Traffic Engineering Design Checklist

Submitting a Traffic Report or Swept Paths as part of your application is not always practical, particularly when you need to convince someone else (generally the Client) to foot the bill.

While we for obvious reasons hope you engage our services on every project you work on, we are realists and understand that is not practical or necessary in all cases. We do however want to assist those people that we work with regularly to provide a level of guidance without the cost.

To that end, we have prepared a Traffic Engineering Design Checklist that gives you an indication of what you need to consider (and what we do) when seeking council/referral authority approval.

Quantum Traffic Design Checklist(V1)
Download PDF • 790KB

Once you download, you'll have access to:

- The site characteristics we'll assess to get an existing understanding or requirements;

- Key design considerations (from access ways to parking), and

- How your project stacks up if you wish to seek Council approval.

You can download your copy below. If you have any questions or need a Traffic Impact Assessment/Swept Paths soon, give me a call on 0435 365 681 or email us here.

Quantum Traffic Design Checklist(V1)
Download PDF • 790KB

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